Best Swiss Watches For Your Hand

Edmond Watches one of the best Swiss manufacturer for men in Switzerland. As a brand men luxury watch designer, all the product of our store are uses latest men fashion and we are ultimately care about men style. Our designers have a very good experience in this field.

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Get The Best Swiss Watches By Choosing Edmond Watches

The Swiss watchmakers are mainly responsible for the majority of the important innovations of this industry. Both the craftsmanship and quality found in the Swiss manufacturing facilities and Swiss factories are just legendary. Because of the enviable reputation that the Swiss Watchmakers have obtained during a few centuries of perfecting the art, there is no surprise why a number of fine watches are aspired to be called as Swiss Made.

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The Swiss Watch industry is keeping on flourishing and growing as this industry is well aware of the fact that this brand actually means something to the customers. Besides, with the globalization of the entire watch industry, it has also become really important for the Swiss watch brands to maintain the highest standards.


These watches are very much desirable among the users as the Swiss watchmakers take pride in the craft they create. Apart from that, these watches also evoke the concept of quality, which has been achieved over the years and these include both the aesthetic and technical qualities of these watches. Another great thing about these watches is that these encompass both advanced technology and the traditional manufacturing technology. The innovation and the infrastructure are two main components that make these watches successful in maintaining the best position in the entire industry. These also work as the core reasons why the Swiss watch brands are maintaining the reputation as well as are constantly facing strong competition with other leading watchmakers in this globe.

Automatic Watches for Men

If you want to enrich your watch collection with the best Swiss watches, then look no further than Edmond Watches. This brand is known for offering the best in class Swiss watches that will speak your personality. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your own style from the wide range of choices of Swiss made watches offered by Edmond Watches.

Edmond Watches Presents The Best Swiss Watch Brands

Watches are great accessory for both men and women and it creates a style statement with the design of watch one wears around their wrist. It is known worldwide that the Swiss excel in manufacturing the best watches in the world. Their mechanism and the sense of style in each of the watches that they manufacture are remarkable.

Everyone yearns to own a Swiss made watch as it is the best amongst the rest and adds a sense of pride to one’s attitude when one wears a Swiss watch. There are several brands that vouch to provide people with Swiss watches that are original but it eventually depends on the buyer to judge and gauge the quality of the watch and thus making sure that it is an original Swiss manufactured watch.

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The Swiss watch brands offered by Edmond Watches are considered to have the best class mechanism as it is made up of the finest materials. They seldom stop functioning and give a long lasting satisfaction to anyone who owns it and wears it. Swiss watches are synonymous to elegance and quality and thus adds up to the style quotient for anyone who wears it. It matches with all sorts of outfits as they have a wide range of designs that are available for both men and women.

Switzerland exports numerous watches to various countries around the world every year and due to its long lasting quality and its excellent mechanism, it is expensive but is considered to be an asset. There are several families who hand down their Swiss watches to their generations and thus are treasured for a lifetime.

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Before making a purchase for a Swiss watch, one should perform a thorough research on the type of Swiss watches that are genuine and are excellent with its quality. Vouching for famous brands also makes one satisfied with what they purchase as they know that these brands provide genuine Swiss made watches.


Best Swiss Watches For You

The company started in the year 2008 when JP Edmond started his own brand of Swiss watches. These time pieces have smart locker system which is there to protect the crown which is an exclusive feature of these watches. It is a place where you would find elegant time pieces which would perfectly fit the collection of every man as the designs have a wonderful combination of both traditional and contemporary styles. The watches are such that they would suit both formal and casual outfits. The company has specially made the watches to salute the daring spirits which had conquered various obstacles and stood the test of time. The lock-Ed concept that you can find in these watches would ensure that you get accurate time and date and also have a water resistant watch at your disposal.

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Traditional Swiss mechanics with cutting design are the trademarks of these watches. Hence these watches will last you for a long duration tolerating the wears and tears. The ranges that you can find here include the Spray Model and Pole Guardian. The spray model was introduced as a homage to Joshua Slocum who is the pioneer of solo sailing around the world. The Polo Guardian model is made in such a way that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is also from the tribute series and is for those who are the pioneers of Pole conquests. The special features that you can find in these watches are Smart Locker, Power Ring and 24 hour dial.

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Those of you who are interested in buying these wonderful Swiss watches can either go to the stores in USA and Italy or can go to the website and choose the watches that are available directly from the factories and can buy them online. The shipment is done within 48 hours and if you are not satisfied with the product then you would get your full payment refunded.

Why Should You Have The Automatic Watches?

The automatic watch from Edmond Watches works as a great accessory as well as it is a must have of every man’s wardrobe. Wearing the automatic watch is different as this makes a person stand out from the crowd and also shows that the person only chooses the best thing for him.

The automatic watches, also known as the self-winding watches are quite similar to the mechanical watches except the difference that these don’t need winding. Here in this blog, you will find the details that set this type of watch apart from any other type:

Automatic Watches for Men


  • The characteristics of these watches: The main components of the automatic watches are the rotor that mainly rotates because of the normal movement of the user’s body. This part is combined with the ratcheting mechanism for limiting the winding motion to a uniform direction. Both the ratchet and the rotor keep the watch automatically winding. Therefore, the watch winds down automatically in case the user stops wearing. Due to this reason, quite a number of automatic watch users use the “watch winder” device to keep the watches in motion even at that time when they don’t wear those.


  • The legacy of these watches: Just next to the digital and the quartz watches, the automatic watches are considered to be one of the most common types of watches and you can find a complete range of these in Edmond Watches. One of the major reasons why these watches are so popular that these don’t need batteries and can even be recycled if needed.

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  • The accuracy of these watches: As the automatic watches are the mechanical ones with the additional mechanism that helps in keeping the watch winding, therefore, these watches have the same accuracy like as the mechanical watches.

 So, wear your automatic watch with pride and show the world that you are a creator and an innovator.

Edmond Watches – The Innovative Swiss Timepiece Maker

Everyone wants to one a Swiss made watch but very few are able to decide judiciously on the brand they should buy. There are several options available for you in the market but few you can manage to afford. At Edmond watches we ensure you get high end Swiss made watches at affordable prices. The real reason behind owning a Swiss made is to own a fine piece of machinery and we at Edmond watches duly fulfill that. The Swiss Watch brand was launched by eminent designer J. P Edmond in 2008. His years of practice and expertise led to the creation of Swiss Watch brand.

The Swiss Watch brand comes with several innovations and exclusive designs to make it worthy of your money. Coupled with this, the supreme aesthetics of the watches spells out the aura of elegance and luxury. The luxury watch brand has an innovative locker system that smartly protects the crown. This is the result of years of research which has succumbed to the creation of Swiss Brand and has made it to the top ranks of the Swiss watch industry.

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However this is not the only innovation The Swiss Brand has. The second generation locker now has an additional power ring making it a powerful and smart device on your wrist. The brand has watches suiting the likes of its customers. There are several models available to suit the various requirements of the consumers starting from luxury models to sports range.

The Self-winding feature of The Swiss Watch brand has been adroitly created to increase performance and enhance the aesthetics of the movement of the watches. The movement marks the supremacy of the watches from the wide variants available in the market. The watches come with larger dials along with cohesive facade. This adds to the luxurious look of the watch and makes all the more worthy of being owned.

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The Swiss Watch brand does not come with just aesthetical and style benefits. It also brings you the advantage of owning high quality watches at affordable prices. Since the brand sells its products online, it gives the consumers the benefit of factory price.

The Swiss Watch brand brings you the finest Swiss made watches at prices you can afford.

Luxury Swiss Watch That Men Want For Their Hand

A watch is a man’s ultimate instrument of fashion much like a woman’s accessories, thus when you slip in a pretty collection of screws on your hand you have to make sure it matches your personality and style. Much can be told about a man from his choice of a watch. At we make sure you find the perfect dials which best matches you and your personality from our vast collection of luxury watch for men. It is here that you are sure to find your best friend. Our custom made collection of watches ensure you do not find a similar one in the market.

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The true mark of gentleman lies in his choice of watch and thus we at provide you the best range of luxury watch for men. These watches are made with highly impressive dials which makes them all the more worthy of adorning your wrist. Our watches come in cushion shape cases which prevents them from external breaks and scratches. Here at our collections are greatly valued by watch connoisseurs all over the world which makes us a name you can trust and rely on.

We have exclusive Swiss designs thus commanding attention everywhere you go. They have been designed in such a way that their style stands the test of time; such is our guarantee of the immortality of our designs. We have a special collection to suit your style and taste. These are custom made luxury watch for men and are sure to make other men jealous when you wear them. Our latest collections are Spray and Pole Guardian. The two new exciting collections have been designed keeping in mind the functionality of watches as well as the mammoth fashion statement they make.

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The Spray model has been created to pay tribute to the pioneer solo sailor, Joshua Slocum. The collection has been made keeping in mind the sporty streak in every man. The Pole guardian model has been smartly created to withstand high altitude and it combines three smart features like Smart Locker, Power Ring and a new 24hr dial.